In Fall 2017, Sharday Mosurinjohn and I started a website called For Boredom. It features a curated set of excerpts of works in a variety of media (text, drawing, film, etc.). They are continually being annotated by us – and are available to be annotated by visitors – with a view to drawing links between concepts of boredom, spirituality, and information overload. We initially classified works through tags and categories, but found that the category system’s utility is limited in that it does not layer objects’ textual properties or directly place them in conversation with one another. This led us to seek a text visualization tool. Eventually, we found Infranodus, which visualizes text as a networked graph of the most relevant topics, terms, and their relations to one another. By converting a series of texts into a networked graph, the distance between texts collapses – the algorithm searches all source text and annotation text simultaneously. Working with Infranodus was an interesting excercise in human-machine collaboration and we wrote an article on the process.

Mosurinjohn, S., & Matorina, N. For Boredom: A Conceptual Network of Cultural ObjectsCapacious, 2(1-2), 174 – 184.