Nelly Matorina

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“My earliest memory is of a dream.”
Anne Carson, Every Exit is an Entrance (A Praise of Sleep)

Will it be much longer?

Split-screen video
Duration: 6:00
Year: 2019
Location: Kingston, Canada
Screened: Square Pegs Festival organized by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
We all have our sacred places. Multiple generations of migration in my family have created an inherited nostalgia where everyone is always longing for another place. Will it be much longer? is a split-screen video which responds to this nostalgia and creates a tunnel that extends from where I am, at “home” in Canada, to where I am longing for, my favourite church in Palanga, Lithuania. One side of the video follows a sequence of roads driving through Latvia and Lithuania, while the other follows a dream-like state in Canada where I am concentrating on a white curtain as an avenue of transport. At the end, I tie the two narratives together with a knot. The title plays on a phrase that I frequently said as a child when me and my family were driving and I couldn’t wait to arrive somewhere, will it be much longer until we get there? Will it?