Pure Phenomenality

Pure Phenomenality was a pop-up installation in Kingston, Canada. Visitors were invited to go up the stairs and explore two spaces: a small nook with a light at one end and a mattress on the other, where I recorded extracts from Intimacy in Research: Introduction by Miriam Fraser & Nirmal Puwar; and the second a room where I showed a few videos and a sound installation. The two videos on the table showed my EEG waves, and setting up electrodes on the surface on my scalp. The video projected on the slanted wall showed myself sleeping at a sleep lab cross-cut with sleeping happening in my bedroom.

Research offers a purposeful tenderness, a “special kind of intimacy [that] is established between researcher and researched . . . later gets extracted as artefactual noise’.” – Simon Cohn, Making objective facts from intimate relations: the case of neuroscience and its entanglements with volunteers

Special thanks to Hans Dringenberg, Matthew Stewart, Julia Krolik and Owen Fernley for making this exhibition possible.