Concerning features

Concerning features is a series of exhibitions exploring migration and mourning in a post-soviet context.

After my grandmother passed away, some family members brought me back her journals and photographs. As I began to investigate these archives, I realized that so many of them were inaccessible to me through language or religious context – the texts were symbolic, but not comprehensible. Unable to complete the traditional Tatarian/Uzbek practices of mourning, I wrote new practices, which I performed in both Latvia and Canada.

This work reflects on the loneliness that accompanies migration, and the desire to feel connected in life’s major transitions. I use performative practice as a way to re-establish intimacy and consume my dead.






“It is said that if one were strong enough she could take the finest most powerful traits of a lost one and integrate them into herself. That if one were wise enough she could eat her dead. Trickster work. To disregard the lines and break the female body down without end.”

-Beth Follet, Tell it Slant