Audio-visual collage

Blessings, Tears is a short film that plays and experiments with the visual relationships between water and static.

I can clearly see the sea is an audio-visual collage I created in the summer of 2013.

Song: Barnacles by Ugly Casanova

I’m burning lights, I’m turning inside out is a collage which uses space footage from the public domain.

Song: Edie’s Dream by Suuns

Stepping out of the floodgates or feeling transient again

as land, feeling the land somehow now that I’ve been here I want to get closer to it, touch it, kiss it, have it enviscerate me. Dreaming under the untouched and hauling bags across I cook sweet sweet potatoes and daze myself into what I am, who I am. This breath fills me up and the fire speaks easy, but getting here is hard and walking here is hard and transforming myself here is hard, ruthless as the fluorescent lights find some sort of miraculous continuation. CONTINUE ME. ENDLESSLY. I AM NOT ACCUSTOMED TO NOT STOPPING TO THINK BUT I THINK THIS TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME TO GO ON WITH IT, TO BREAK UP WITH IT, TO AMBUSH MY MIND WITH THE PROMISE OF THOUGHT. (Hearing even louder, upon the lakes and lighting boats, I can take a stepping stone and creep to the bottom of myself.) Did I think during it? I think so, I looped a few times and thought about looping, but it wasn’t even about that. it was finding a something, a core which is light & easy. can hear the implied existence.

Songs from Sleeplessness by Sea Oleana