after-sleep is a two-channel video installation exploring how it feels to be separated from family through a history of migration spanning several generations. This exhibition was shown at UNIT 115 Gallery in Kingston, Canada in February 2018.

ART … I reproduced a work titled Hypnosis, Dream, Sleep by performance artist Linda Montano. I opened a box of diaries and photographs brought back to me from my grandmother’s home in Tashkent after her funeral. I laid the objects around my sleeping space and covered myself with a quilt that she had knit for me. I found the design pattern for the quilt in one of her diaries. It was dated a couple of months before her death.

LIFE … I was feeling the weight of distance. I had no idea what language her diaries were in. I didn’t know any of the prayers from the Quran that she would have read. I wanted to feel a connection in sleep.