Nelly Matorina

Video & Installation Artist / Sleep Scientist


Artist Bio:

I’m an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video and installation. I recently completed a body of work called Concerning Features, which explored multi-generational migration, language, and mediated communication. This included four exhibitions: after-sleep at Unit 115 Gallery, Don’t Forget to Call at Union Gallery and SAW Video, and Concerning Features forthcoming in September 2019 at Modern Fuel.

Currently, I’m working on a series of projects which investigate the intersections between psychology, neuroscience, and media art. My ongoing projects include: The Aesthetics of Participation, a work which explores how intertwining art gallery and data collection spaces in psychology experiments could lead to better data and more to offer participants; Scientifically Feeling, a project that explores the relationship that self-study can have in formal scientific research; and Hyperreal, a project which explores symbols in dreams and waking life as hyperreal objects and the theoretical question of whether it is possible to represent neural reality.