About me

Bio 1:

I’m an interdisciplinary artist working in video and installation. My work explores the sublime or magical elements of the following topics: language, migration, prayer, and intersections between science and art. Recent projects are Human-Brain Communication and Concerning Features.

Bio 2:

I’m a Master’s student in psychology researching memory abstraction over sleep. Recent research suggests that, in addition to storing what we learn, sleep also selects which memories to keep and promotes qualitative memory changes involving gist extraction, such as extracting rules or abstracting the theme of studied information. A separate line of research has proposed that individual differences in the volume of the anterior and posterior hippocampus might reflect individual differences in gist and detail memory, respectively. In my Master’s project, I combine these two lines of research to determine the connections between hippocampal volume, sleep physiology and behavioural measures of gist memory.